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That's what our customers and test players say about Rotaris:

  • This is a great game, our whole family loves it! (Kouassi K., Ivory Coast)
  • Refreshing strategic game for a break. Let's play again! (Christian R., Stuttgart, Germany)
  • "I enjoy it!" (Martina R. , Baden-Württemberg, Germany)
  • "Fantastic game idea" (Christian D., Ruhr-Area, Germany)
  • "I find it very good. It is more demanding than Connect-Four. I want to buy it." (Christine, 16, Ruhr-Area, Germany)
  • "The game is addictive and fun. Great to see nice marbles instead of simple pins. The rules are great, because it is easy to understand them." (Jana M., 11, Leonberg, Germany)
  • "A very cool game idea, I think it's great that it is very handy and that it makes a lot of fun!" (M. Leon, 9, Leonberg, Germany)
  • "Let's have another twist!" (Frank L., Maichingen, Germany)
  • "An entertaining game for in between. The first round seems pure luck, later strategies can be developed that open the route to success." (Karin M., Leonberg, Germany)
  • "I'll buy one" (Andrew H., Germersheim, Germany)

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